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Super call of non-method incorrectly allowed if target >= ES6

See original GitHub issue


TypeScript Version: 3.6.0-dev.20190624

Search Terms:

  • es5
  • super
  • arrow method


class Foo {
    public bar = () => { }

class SubFoo extends Foo {
    public bar = () => {; }

With target: "es5"

Expected behavior: No errors. Call to super is allowed.

Actual behavior: See error on

Only public and protected methods of the base class are accessible via the 'super' keyword.

Everything works fine using normal (non-arrow) methods. It also works with "target": "es6"

Playground Link:

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

RyanCavanaughcommented, Jun 27, 2019

The bug is that it’s allowed, not that it’s disallowed! The code fails at runtime


fatcerberuscommented, Jun 27, 2019

I don’t understand how this can work anyway, since arrow functions don’t have their own super binding - they close over the one from outside. Since the arrow function doesn’t occur inside a method body, super shouldn’t even exist in that scope?

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