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TypeScript 4.9 Iteration Plan

See original GitHub issue

This document outlines our focused tasks for TypeScript 4.9. It minimally indicates intent to investigate tasks or contribute to an implementation. Nothing is set in stone, but we will strive to complete these tasks in a reasonable timeframe.

Date Event
August 23rd TypeScript 4.8 Release
September 16th Create 4.9 Beta (4.9.1) Build for Testing
September 20th TypeScript 4.9 Beta Release
October 28th Create 4.9 RC (4.9.2) Build for Testing
November 1st TypeScript 4.9 RC Release
November 11th Create 4.9 Final (4.9.3) Build for Testing
November 15th TypeScript 4.9 Final Release 🚀
    dateFormat  YYYY-MM-DD
    TypeScript 4.8 Stabilization Period : 2022-08-05, 2022-08-25
    TypeScript 4.9 Beta Development : 2022-08-05, 2022-09-16
    TypeScript 4.9 RC Development : 2022-09-16, 2022-10-28
    TypeScript 4.9 Stabilization Period : 2022-10-28, 2022-11-15
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Language and Compiler Features

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

DanielRosenwassercommented, Aug 25, 2022

Previous iteration plan is over at

DanielRosenwassercommented, Sep 21, 2022

A few updates:

  • While decorators have reached stage 3, we saw some behavior in the spec that needed to be discussed with the champions. Between addressing that and reviewing the changes, we expect decorators will be implemented in the next version.
  • Rather than shipping pieces of module resolution, we’d like to have a cohesive story on each of the above. That will likely be going to the next version as well.
  • Caching in .tsbuildinfo files is still in flux. We’ll likely have to decide on that only if we feel like we can get sufficient coverage.
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