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typescript passes `number | Promise<number>` as if it were `number` (or something like that)

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Bug Report

Something is very weird that makes typescript pass Promise<number> as if it were a number when it is an object field. Typescript correctly recognizes that Promise<number> is not a number when it is a plain variable. Weird.

🔎 Search Terms

promise numeric

🕗 Version & Regression Information

I believe this has always existed in typescript. I have tried multiple versions on playground (from 3.3 up to 5). I did read the FAQs in and found nothing related.

⏯ Playground Link

Playground link with relevant code

💻 Code

const n: number | Promise<number> = Promise.resolve(0);
console.log(n >= 0);  // Correctly rejected: Operator >= cannot be applied to Promise<number> and number.

const foo: {n: number | Promise<number>} = {
  n: Promise.resolve(0),
console.log(foo.n >= 0); // Incorrectly type checks.  Runtime result is bogus.

🙁 Actual behavior

The last expression passes the type checker even though it is clearly wrong.

🙂 Expected behavior

That the last expression is rejected with Operator >= cannot be applied to Promise<number> and number..

Issue Analytics

  • State:open
  • Created 9 months ago
  • Comments:8 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Andaristcommented, Dec 29, 2022

I’ve checked what happens under the hood and it seems that it’s enough for left and right types to be comparable in either direction:

This is quite surprising but apparently it’s even OK to compare class instances (test case taken from the TS test suite): TS playground

I spiked a potential improvement for the reported case here but I’m not totally sure if this is something that the TS team would like to incorporate.

azizghuloumcommented, Dec 28, 2022

Thanks for explaining the difference @fatcerberus. (though it’s also weird that it narrows despite my explicit type specification but let’s not get distracted)

Now why number | Promise<number> typechecks is still the issue.

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