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declare var test: (s: string) => void;

declare var test: {
    (s: string) => void;
    tests: any[];

At the moment TS compiler shows error: Subsequent variable declarations must have the same type.

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andy-mscommented, Jan 25, 2018

It might be useful to support this in the particular case of a property of type any. Often DefinitelyTyped declarations will declare something to be of type any when a particular user will know a better type.

// DefinitelyTyped
interface I { foo: any; }

// My code
interface I { foo: { x: number }; }

Currently we give an error because the types for foo conflict. We might just throw out any declarations typed as any when getting the type.

sdrsdrcommented, Oct 13, 2022

redeclare can have other benefits:

I have a “header” type of interface:

export interface api_msg_t {

function is_api_msg(m:any) :m is api_msg_t {
	return (
		m && typeof(m)=="object" && typeof(m.a)=='string' && typeof(m.devid)=='string'

I want to have extended interface:

interface api_node_online_t extends api_msg_t {
function is_api_node_online(m:api_msg_t) : m is api_node_online_t {
	return (m.a=='onl' && typeof(m.nid)=="number" && is_node_state(m.state));

if there is no inex type in api_msg_t the typeguard is_api_node_online fails to transpile as m.nid does not exist in api_msg_t. But adding index in the api_msg_t propagates it to api_node_online_t that is undesirable. if we can do

function is_api_node_online(m:api_msg_t) : m is api_node_online_t {
	redaclare m as api_msg_t & {[index:string]:unknonw};
	return (m.a=='onl' && typeof(m.nid)=="number" && is_node_state(m.state));

It will allow for elegant and typesafe solution.

We can easily mimic this behavior with

interface api_msg_indexed_t extends api_msg_t {

function is_api_msg_indexed(m:api_msg_t):m is api_msg_indexed_t:{
	return true;

function is_api_node_online(m:api_msg_t) : m is api_node_online_t {
	if (!api_msg_indexed(m)) return;
	return (m.a=='onl' && typeof(m.nid)=="number" && is_node_state(m.state));

but this results in unnecessary JS code emitted and ran

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