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Packaging PySide6 with Nuitka - import QtNetwork causes issues - No functional TLS backend was found

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Nuitka version Commercial: None Python: 3.9.7 (default, Sep 16 2021, 16:59:28) [MSC v.1916 64 bit (AMD64)] Flavor: Anaconda Python Executable: C:\tools\miniconda3\envs\smartblur_env\python.exe OS: Windows Arch: x86_64 WindowsRelease: 10

  • How did you install Nuitka and Python pip install Nuitka in a conda env

  • The specific PyPI names and versions conda.exe install pybind11 libsodium ninja libopencv nomkl numpy=1.21.4 pyopengl pywin32 openssl -y

    python -m pip freeze Nuitka== numpy @ file:///D:/bld/numpy_1636145505783/work pybind11 @ file:///D:/bld/pybind11-split_1641689025977/work pybind11-global @ file:///D:/bld/pybind11-split_1641689025977/work PyOpenGL==3.1.5 PySide6== pywin32==303 shiboken6==

  • Provide in your issue the Nuitka options used

nuitka --standalone --plugin-enable=pyside6 --plugin-enable=numpy --plugin-enable=anti-bloat --output-dir Packaging_video_test --static-libpython=no

The problem is with packaging my app with Nuitka. It creates the executable but when I launch the executable I got those errors, and the part of the app related to QtNetwork is not working: No functional TLS backend was found No functional TLS backend was found No TLS backend is available No functional TLS backend was found QSslSocket::connectToHostEncrypted: TLS initialization failed

I didn’t have those errors before including QtNetwork. I suspect an issue with OpenSSL but I don’t know how to solve it. If I run my app from the terminal: python, everything works fine. I have openssl=1.1.1l=h8ffe710_0

Thanks for your help!

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:14 (6 by maintainers)

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kayhayencommented, Jan 24, 2022

Yes, minimal is great. I am pretty sure this about Anaconda, and figuring out their differences there will take some time.

kayhayencommented, Jun 11, 2022

Yes, seems to be a case of not using --include-qt-plugins with required values. Since this never got a reproducer, I don’t see any value in this issue anymore.

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