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How should basePaths for multiple environments be specified?

See original GitHub issue

For instance, development vs test vs staging vs production?

We’ve been putting them in a parallel basePaths like:

  basePath: ''
  basePaths: {
    development: '',
    test: '',
    stage: '',
    production: ''

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webroncommented, Sep 19, 2014

In Swagger 2.0 the definition of basePath has changed. It has been split to 3 properties - scheme, host and basePath. The basePath now becomes the actual base path which is relative to the host. If the host is not specified, the basePath is taken against the host that’s serving the specification. Does this answer your need?

webroncommented, Sep 20, 2014

@shelbys - it does not directly cover it. I’m just saying that if you don’t include them, and host your swagger.json on each of those environment separately, you wouldn’t need to change the basePath each time for the relevant environment.

We’re working on a way to document several micro-services, but even there you’d need to duplicate your swagger.json with a different basePath. You’d have a centralized description though of the different environments.

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