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Support for scopes in scheme bearer

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Hi, JWT based access token (bearer) can contain scopes like read_pets, write_pets etc. that could be used to authorize an api request from an app. Why don’t Open API spec talk about scopes for scheme: bearer? Shouldn’t this be described in the spec as it is a widely used pattern for API authN & authZ?


        - bearerAuth: [read:pets, write:pets]


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MikeRalphsoncommented, Feb 20, 2021

Unfortunately we can’t add examples of every combination of OAS feature. I’ll add one here when I get back to my desk.

unikitty37commented, Apr 2, 2021

Thanks — I think I’ve been a little confused by what I thought this was going to be.

Basically, a logged-in user has a role of contributor, editor, or admin. A logged out user is treated as having the role of anonymous.

I was hoping this would allow me to say that an API call is only available with a role of editor or admin, but it seems that the Security Requirement Object still uses AND rather than OR. I appreciate the issue tracker probably isn’t the best place for asking this, but is this possible with 3.1? If not, would it be worth making a feature request?

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