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axis automargin moves axis label outside of individual tick labels, not the longest tick label

See original GitHub issue

see #2243

Using automargin: true moves axis label outside of tick labels, but only to the tick labels near the axis label, not below the longest tick label.



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  • State:open
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:7 (4 by maintainers)

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nicolaskruchtencommented, Apr 23, 2018

So the current behaviour surprised me, but is actually not a bug: the automargin feature correctly pushes the margins so as to leaves enough room below the tick labels for the axis title’s font height, but the axis title doesn’t always position itself below the tallest tick label: it positions itself below the tallest tick label above itself which my tests hadn’t shown, hence my initial surprise.

So this is not a bug but a reasonable feature request: to be able to control the positioning of the axis title with respect to the labels above it 😃

nicolaskruchtencommented, Apr 20, 2018

Let me dig into this today, this behaviour does seem at odds with the intended behaviour.

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