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Implement `hovertemplate` for all traces that support hover

See original GitHub issue

Building on top of,, and hovertemplate is now supported for trace types: scatter, bar, pie, histogram, scattergl, sankey, scatterpolar, barpolar, scatterternary, scatterpolargl, choropleth, scattergeo and scattermapbox.

The “missing” trace types are:

  • contour, heatmap, histogram2d, histogram2dcontour
  • box and violin (for points done in | otherwise not implemented)
  • all the gl3d trace types: scatter3d, surface, mesh3d, stremtubes, cone, isosurface
  • scattercarpet
  • ohlc and candlestick
  • splom
  • parcats
  • pointcloud, heatmapgl and contourgl (are we deprecating those trace types in v2?)

cc @nicolaskruchten

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  • State:open
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:10 (9 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

nicolaskruchtencommented, Jan 14, 2019

Yup! I would say that scatter3d is the most important remaining one, followed by parcats and splom, then contour/heatmap/surface then the the histogram2d ones

jackparmercommented, Sep 10, 2020

This issue has been tagged with NEEDS SPON$OR

A community PR for this feature would certainly be welcome, but our experience is deeper features like this are difficult to complete without the Plotly maintainers leading the effort.

Sponsorship range: $5k-$10k

What Sponsorship includes:

  • Completion of this feature to the Sponsor’s satisfaction, in a manner coherent with the rest of the Plotly.js library and API
  • Tests for this feature
  • Long-term support (continued support of this feature in the latest version of Plotly.js)
  • Documentation at
  • Possibility of integrating this feature with Plotly Graphing Libraries (Python, R, F#, Julia, MATLAB, etc)
  • Possibility of integrating this feature with Dash
  • Feature announcement on with shout out to Sponsor (or can remain anonymous)
  • Gratification of advancing the world’s most downloaded, interactive scientific graphing libraries (>50M downloads across supported languages)

Please include the link to this issue when contacting us to discuss.

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