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Interrupt (null values) as gap mode for stacked scatter charts

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We have been evaluating a lot of charting frameworks and found that plotly is the one that fit our needs the best. However we have one major issue with it on the stacked scatter charts. Currently the only two supported gapModes is “infer zero” and “interpolate” which hinders us from fully commit to Plotly. In our application a null value signifies a data loss and replacing it with 0 provides a wrong picture as the 0 indicates that we have data and the value is 0 not that we actually in fact have a data loss.

I pulled down the code and saw that src/traces/scatter/plot.js:407 suggests interrupt as a future new mode. Is this covering null values not being shown in the area charts and is there an ETA for when this will arrive? If interrupt is something else, I would like to propose having a gap mode where null values aren’t drawn in the stacked group.

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warren-oneillcommented, Oct 28, 2020

I ended up getting around the issues by using a stacked bar plot with no gaps or borders.

fig = go.Figure()
fig.add_trace(go.Bar(x=x, y=y, name=u, opacity=0.5, 
fig.update_layout(barmode='stack', bargap=0)
warren-oneillcommented, Oct 15, 2020

However, I was able to remove all the zeroes from the plot by setting mode='none'. It’s only the issues with the hover I am having.

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