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Invisible plot lines with WebGL (scattergl) in prod mode

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I’m trying to draw standard plots with WebGL but the lines remain invisible 😦 The data is loaded correctly, as you can see the values when hovering on the points, so it seems to be a problem of rendering for the lines. Note the markers (X) are correctly shown.


For WebGL i’m using data.type="scattergl" instead of the usual scatter. The reason is i have several hundreds of thousands of points to visualize and it’s way faster with WebGL. Note the problem also occurs if i load very little data. However if i plot with scatter it works fine! So the code should be good.

I’m using Angular with the standard plotly wrapper so i opened a ticket there as well but i can’t tell yet where the bug is. Also note if i build my angular app in dev mode, i.e. without build optimization, it works! So it’s the combination of scattergl + prod mode that fails. Any idea to explain this bug?

I’m sorry i can’t provide you an online code and seen it depends on the build mode it wouldn’t be relevant. But it may be something you’ve already seen such as this (but it was for react.js!) or maybe you can give me some tips.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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virgile-hogmancommented, Jan 14, 2019

Great news! The author of angular-plotly.js could fix it, see It was due to a double minimization of plotly.js when bundling the Angular application in prod mode. It is solved in angular-plotly.js 1.0.0, this issue can be closed.

virgile-hogmancommented, Jan 15, 2019

Another good news, another issue i had when hovering on plots is now solved! This problem appeared with a fully optimized bundle, consisting of two parameters: optimization (minimizer) + buildOptimizer (tree shaking), which are enabled by default in prod mode, at least with Angular 7. I had to turn the buildOptimizer off to make the application work (more info here), but now i can also enable it again and i’m convinced the solution came with the last fix on angular-plotly.js. At least it’s the most rational explanation, as the double minimization created some issues. Now i have a fully optimized bundle, so that’s great! 😃

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