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Render not updating DOM more than once given replacement with differences.

See original GitHub issue


  1. SSRing a trivial page (via preact-render-to-string in Deno).
  2. A JS script with a single call to hydrate the Index component is requested, bundled by the server, and served.
  3. The document body is hydrated given the Index component.
  4. A websocket is opened with the server and when any changes are made to any tsx file, it sends a message to the client (browser).
  5. The browser dynamically imports Index and the render function.
  6. The Index.tsx file is requested, bundled with preact and with the render function re-exported from the bundle, and served.
  7. The updated component is rendered to the document body.

The above render works one time. After that it no longer renders anything further. I am verifying that the component it is being supplied does indeed have the changes (minor changes, it doesn’t work with even a single letter change in a string) and matches the exact structure of the currently mounted DOM (because it is the same component) but for some reason the DOM is not updating. If I do the same thing with hydrate, it does update as many times as it is called, but only updates text nodes, as far as I can tell and does not render any HTML attribute changes. With hydrate being what it is though, this is not unexpected to me.

I would expect subsequent calls to render beyond the first to update the DOM tree of body with the changes made to that tree.

Note that the h function is made available via import in the websocket client file. Thus, it is from the same “instance” of preact in all cases. I tried the above with re-exporting h from the bundle as I do with render with no luck.

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:9 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

JoviDeCroockcommented, Jan 23, 2022

Yes, the options hooks are a singleton tied to the render process.

papirocommented, Jan 19, 2022

OMG… that fixed it. I literally just imported render along with h and used it instead of a per-bundle render. Cheers! Thank you so much!

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