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Web-compatible ES module build

See original GitHub issue

Hey @developit! I was wondering if you would be open to a new build that is ES modules compatible for the web? I have a branch of this working locally. It uses a small custom babel plugin that turns stuff like './util' into './util.js';

It works in Safari:

screen shot 2017-04-25 at 10 34 22 am

In my branch I run the babel plugin and put everything into dist/es/. This took me like 5 minutes, super easy. If you are open to adding this, there are a couple of options:

dist/es or some such folder

This would be the way I did it for my proof of concept. This means that browser users would use Preact with something like:

import { Component } from './node_modules/preact/dist/es/preact.js';

This would require no changes to your src/ codebase. If you wanted to keep src/ the way it is, this is the way to go.

preact.js in root folder

A bit nicer solution for web users would be if you added preact.js to the root folder and all it did was:

export * from './src/preact.js';

Or it could point to './es/dist/preact.js'. If you are willing to change your src/ modules to add the .js at the end and point to exact files in that way, then no Babel transformations would be needed.

Users would only have to do:

import { Component } from './node_modules/preact/preact.js';

Which is just a tiny bit easier.

Let me know what you think! cc @treshugart

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matthewpcommented, Apr 26, 2017

Why ES5? If someone is using this bundle they are either using a module-compat browser or are using a build tool where they can transpile how they wish, right?

robertknightcommented, Apr 26, 2017

The ES2015 source de-opts, I wouldn’t recommend using it.

Is that an issue specific to Chrome? If so, does it still apply when using the new V8 engine (Ignition + TurboFan) I wonder?

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