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Allow specifying arbitrary Python versions/executables

See original GitHub issue

E. g. with the -p/--python flag like one we have in Virtualenv:

pipenv -p python3.6

Right now it can be done by manually creating a .venv before using pipenv:

virtualenv -p python3.6 .venv

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jacebrowningcommented, Jan 27, 2017

@iamale I highly recommend using pyenv to manage and select between multiple versions of Python.

cwillucommented, Feb 13, 2017

Mucking around with the default system-wide python version is a good way to break random distro stuff though, even if it’s only mucked up for the current user. In #python at least, we strongly discourage people from doing that just due to the random breakage of unrelated things it can cause.

A somewhat related note, it’d be really handy to be able to have multiple venvs for a project, for different python interpreters; there isn’t always a CI tool involved, and a lot of the benefits of pipenv seem to disappear once you start trying to work with multiple interpreters.

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