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April (then May) 2020 Release Tracking Issue

See original GitHub issue

This is an internal tracking issue which will tie in the related issues which will be tackled/still need to be updated for the purposes of cutting the release. It’s been a long time coming (see and for some past comments on that) and there’s a tentative goal of getting a pre-release out in March 2020.

(Edited by @brainwane to say: fixing some brokenness in the continuous integration setup is delaying this release 2020.04.1a1 till – new estimate – 21 April 2020.)

(Edited by @brainwane to say: the prerelease 2020.4.1b1 is now out, as of 29 April, and Dan aims to get the next release out in about a week.)

(Edited by @brainwane in conversation with Dan on 5 March 2020 and then throughout March & April)

  • Other Items in the March 2020 release milestone:
  • Fix pip-shims test failures (merge the bugfix/56 branch)
  • requirementslib fixes:
    • sarugaku/requirementslib#204 requirementslib issue AST parsing of fails on non-addition type binOps
    • sarugaku/requirementslib#205 AST parsing fails on non-utf8 files
    • sarugaku/requirementslib/issues/214 We shouldn’t install upgraded versions of test dependencies in CI
    • sarugaku/requirementslib#219 calculator Add requirement calculator for artifacts in PyPI
    • Review requirements-lib issues for other pipenv release blockers
  • Make new releases of related libraries:
  • Finish, approve and merge #4169 to address missing dependencies/imports
    • Fix news entry/entries
    • Fix broken CI configuration
    • Get tests to pass
  • Fix #4188 by either getting pyup API key working again or choosing and implementing an alternative
  • Get GitHub tests to pass on master (skipping the test mentioned in #4201)
  • Improve release automation to allow generation of prereleases
    • Generate changelog in draft mode
    • Don’t autotag & push tag to repo
  • Update and run through “Test locally” and “Uploading the release” for packaging/release checklist
  • Package and upload pipenv prerelease version 2020.04.1a1 to PyPI

That’s what Dan aims to do by 21 April 2020. Then:

  • Make another new release of requirementslib that incorporates a fix to
    • Relock requirementslib dependencies
  • Publicize pre-release and ask for a week of testing
    • Especially testing on Windows against PEP 517 backends and involving virtualenvs
  • After ~1 week (if no showstopper bugs), publish new release

How others can help:

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Reactions:213
  • Comments:72 (42 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

techalchemycommented, May 28, 2020

^ Release is up, thank you to everyone who helped with testing!

techalchemycommented, May 20, 2020

So I have gone ahead and cut another pre-release of pipenv (2020.4.1b2 – the release will be tagged with the date it comes out so don’t worry to much about the naming).

I think this release captures a majority, if not all of the changes I’m hoping to include. I did merge one significant change since the last pre-release which should avoid re-launching processes to attempt to pip install already-satisfied dependencies, so please report any issues as I plan to release for real on Wednesday of next week.

Thanks again to everyone who helped test, provided feedback, and helped get fixes merged!

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