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[Cli Docs?] Conflicting Info in regards to `pipenv lock --dev --requirements`

See original GitHub issue


Docs, Actual Results, and CLI Help are in conflict: Should --dev include only dev dependencies? Or both dev + default dependencies?

Actual Results

pipenv lock --dev --requiremnts

Outputs only dev dependencies


States that --dev should output only dev dependencies

If you wish to generate a requirements.txt with only the development requirements you can do that too! … pipenv lock -r --dev

CLI usage

States --dev should includes both dev + default dependencies:

  -d, --dev           Install *both* develop and default packages.  [env var: PIPENV_DEV]

pipenv, version 2018.11.26

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

gtalaricocommented, Dec 10, 2018

I understand the logic, but using the same exact --dev flag for opposite behaviors smells funny to me 🙊


Did i get this right?

Command Flags Default Deps Dev Deps
pipenv install none
pipenv install --dev
pipenv lock none
pipenv lock --requirements
pipenv lock --requirements --dev
  • installing only dev dependencies is possible using (ok, edge case use)

pipenv lock -r -d > requirements-dev.txt && pip install requirements-dev.txt

nickwilliams-eventbritecommented, Aug 1, 2019

Yet another very frustrating roadblock for us. We’re trying to work around #1356 and #3586, which are basically killing us. We decided to just convert the Pipfile.lock to a requirements.txt because we know we can rely on pip install to actually fail when it fails. But pipenv lock -r --dev was not working as expected/documented. So then I came across this issue.

We completely disagree with the assertion that the documentation is wrong. It makes no sense for --dev to work differently here than it does in install, et. al. If you see a use case for dev-only requirements files, then add --dev-only, or, at the very least, PLEASE give us a --default-and-dev option so we can generate one file with everything. What should be a simple pipenv install --dev --deploy for us has now become the following, and it’s horribly frustrating:

    pipenv lock --requirements > .tmp_requirements.txt
    pipenv lock --requirements --dev > .tmp_requirements_dev.txt
    pip install -r .tmp_requirements.txt
    pip install -r .tmp_requirements_dev.txt
    rm .tmp_requirements*.txt
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