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Issue after upgrading python to 3.7

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Issue description

I’m on a Mac and installed pre-commit using brew and without even asking for it got upgraded from python 3.6.5 to 3.7. (3.6.5 was also under the control of brew)

Now pipenv fails with “Library not loaded”-error.

Expected result

Pipenv to work as before the python upgrade.

Actual result
$ pipenv -h
dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../.Python
  Referenced from: /usr/local/Cellar/pipenv/2018.5.18/libexec/bin/python3.6
  Reason: image not found
Abort trap: 6
  1. What’s the proper way of fixing the issue? Can I edit some config-file to point to 3.7 instead?

  2. Could pipenv perhaps be more lenient and rely on the python3 binary instead of the python3.6?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:12 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

uranusjrcommented, Oct 15, 2018

Yes, so?

omriharcommented, Aug 24, 2018

I am having a similar issue - where arch linux upgraded from 3.6.5 to 3.7 and now I get an error whenever I try to run pipenv. What works for me, but it is indeed a bit of an ugly hack, is to first upgrade pip, reinstall pipenv and for every repository using pipenv, erase the virtualenvironment and recreate it. I do something like:

rm -rf `pipenv --venv`
pipenv install --dev

and this seems to do the job.

Note: you should also probably change the requirement in the Pipfile from python 3.6 to 3.7.

I hope this helps, but I’m also wondering if there is a more robust solution…

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