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pipenv shell starts a CMD shell when run from powershell

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I use powershell as my primary shell, but pipenv shell starts a CMD prompt.

Describe you environment
  1. OS Type: Windows 7
  2. Python version: $ python -V 3.6.2
  3. Pipenv version: $ pipenv --version 8.2.6
Expected result

I’d expect the shell that was started to be the same as my current shell (i.e., powershell)

Actual result

The shell is always a CMD shell, as far as I can see there is no way to change this.

Steps to replicate

pipenv shell. It’s possible to work around this by using pipenv run powershell but this doesn’t set $env:VIRTUAL_ENV (which I believe is a known issue).

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  • Created 6 years ago
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  • Comments:30 (20 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

andb0tcommented, May 21, 2020

Hey there, I have pipenv, version 2018.11.26 installed on powershell 5.1.17763.1007 and it still spawns the CMD instead of a powershell window. This puzzles me, since I thought it was fixed. Have I missed something?

uranusjrcommented, May 9, 2018

@hstefan Give this a shot! I don’t use the Msys2 Bash much, and does not have it set up in Cmder either (I deleted the default entry), Any work from me at this front would be mostly be done in the dark; I’d very much need someone to be able to test it more extensively. I plan to work on restructuring the _detect_shell function first, so please do work on it if you can. (I’m visiting my parents this weekend and might not be working on this much during the time.)

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