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Unexpected Dependancy Graph Issue

See original GitHub issue
Issue description

I had a requirement pinned to “<4.0.0” and a sub-dependancy that required it to be “==3.3.0”. I checked the graph and as expected, that was the only dependancy that required the protobuf package.

That gave me a dependancy resolution error of: Could not find a version that matches protobuf<4.0.0,==3.3.0,==3.6.0

Expected result

I expected it to resolve to “==3.3.0”

Actual result

I was able to get it to be happy by changing my local “<4.0.0” to “==3.3.0”.

Steps to replicate

I will fill this is later today, but wanted to spell out the issue just in case it is known.

Provide the steps to replicate (which usually at least includes the commands and the Pipfile).

Please run $ pipenv --support, and paste the results here. Don’t put backticks (`) around it! The output already contains Markdown formatting.

If you’re on macOS, run the following:

$ pipenv --support | pbcopy

If you’re on Windows, run the following:

> pipenv --support | clip

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:14 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mjdunncommented, Aug 29, 2018

@OliverHofkens see #2596. Running pipenv lock --clear helped me.

OliverHofkenscommented, Aug 29, 2018

I’m running into the same issue with boto3:

$ pipenv lock
Could not find a version that matches botocore<1.11.0,<1.12.0,>=1.10.84,>=1.11.3

Running pipenv install --skip-lock and inspecting the graph shows that no package seems to require <1.11.0

$ pipenv graph | grep botocore
    - botocore [required: >=1.11.3,<1.12.0, installed: 1.11.3]
      - botocore [required: >=1.3.0,<2.0.0, installed: 1.11.3]
        - botocore [required: >=1.11.3,<1.12.0, installed: 1.11.3]
          - botocore [required: >=1.3.0,<2.0.0, installed: 1.11.3]

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