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usage about Pipfile.lock on multiple paltforms(window, linux, macos)

See original GitHub issue

I have a ython application runs on multiple paltforms(window, linux, macos). I only wanna to manage one Pipfile and add it to git control.

but the Pipfile.lock generated by pipenv install may be different on different platforms. So it seems that Pipfile.lock should not be controlled by git!

for example: Pipfile content:

url = ""
verify_ssl = true
name = "pypi"

pyinstaller = {version = "*",markers = """python_version >= '2.7' and python_version != '3.0'and python_version != '3.1' and python_version != '3.2' and python_version != '3.3'"""}


python_version = "3.6"

use pipenv graph insight into my dependency.

pipenv graph

dependency on Windows:

  - altgraph [required: Any, installed: 0.16.1]
  - macholib [required: >=1.8, installed: 1.11]
    - altgraph [required: >=0.15, installed: 0.16.1]
  - pefile [required: >=2017.8.1, installed: 2019.4.14]
    - future [required: Any, installed: 0.17.1]
  - pywin32-ctypes [required: Any, installed: 0.2.0]
  - setuptools [required: Any, installed: 40.8.0]

dependency on linux:

  - altgraph [required: Any, installed: 0.16.1]
  - macholib [required: >=1.8, installed: 1.11]
    - altgraph [required: >=0.15, installed: 0.16.1]
  - pefile [required: >=2017.8.1, installed: 2019.4.14]
    - future [required: Any, installed: 0.17.1]
  - setuptools [required: Any, installed: 41.0.0]

So the Pipfile.locks on windows and linux are different. How could i solve it?

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

leileigongcommented, Apr 18, 2019

can pipenv generate different Pipfile.lock with specified file name? such as Pipfile_win.lock for windows paltform, Pipfile_mac.lock for macos paltform.

frostmingcommented, Apr 17, 2019

True, I am also facing this problem which is annoying. The only way to work is to write the missing packages to Pipfile with system markers.

The problem is the resolver can’t know all dependencies when the resolution is performed on a particular platform, which makes the whole environment only reproducible on the same platform. I will mark it as an enhancement for future.

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