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Deprecating connectAdvanced

See original GitHub issue

I intend to remove the connectAdvanced API from React Redux, essentially replacing connect with its contents.

Why? It’s an abstraction that we don’t use ourselves, so it just becomes an indirection in the code. It is only minimally used in the community. It creates a more complex code base, which is a barrier to entry for many contributions. Plus, frankly, I just don’t like it; it gives me Java flashbacks.

This is mainly to give the few folks that do use it a heads up. It won’t go away until the next major release. However, I intend to add a deprecation warning at some point in the future. We’ll do that after Hooks, just so we’re not dropping two big changes in one minor release. Plus, you can lock to that version to have your Hooks and your connectAdvanced at the same time. Sound fair?

If there are specific use cases, we can see about migrating them into the connect API, most likely as options. This isn’t about completely throwing away a big chunk of functionality, just simplifying the code base a bit and making it easier to grok for everyone.

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gaearoncommented, Apr 12, 2019

👍 I could never understand what it does or why it was added. It sounds like if you need this kind of complexity you should just vendor the connect code and maintain it yourself.

jimbollacommented, Apr 15, 2019

I’m not using Redux so I don’t have an opinion on this.

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