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react-redux-7.1.0 Provider undefined in tests

See original GitHub issue

What is the current behavior? I am trying to write some tests for our custom hooks that use redux. I soon realized that any import from react-redux in tests only include the connect function. Is this expected? Using Jest as a test runner and CRA to run them.

import { Provider } from "react-redux"

console.log(Provider) // undefined


What is the expected behavior?

Provider to be defined.

Which versions of React, ReactDOM/React Native, Redux, and React Redux are you using? Which browser and OS are affected by this issue? Did this work in previous versions of React Redux?

react/react-dom: 16.8.2
react-redux: 7.1.0
redux: 4.0.1

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StKostyantincommented, Jul 21, 2020

I found the reason for the error.

jest.mock('react-redux', () => ({
  connect: () => jest.fn(),
  useSelector: jest.fn(fn => fn()),
  useDispatch: () => jest.fn()

I mocked this library and this led to the fact that I could not use the Provider in tests

markeriksoncommented, Apr 5, 2022

Hah, nice 😃 For the record we would really recommend against trying to mock the react-redux lib or any of its APIs. Instead, we recommend actually creating real Redux stores in tests and rendering a <Provider store={store}> around the component tree being tested:

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