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Add link to forked repo below the original

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Hey guys! Amazing addon with lot of awesome features 💯

Github displays the original repo path when visiting a fork. But, the original don’t have link to your fork. Right now we have to access the forks from here…

My proposal is to add a forked to cg-cnu/refined-github below the original repo.

Let me know your comments and ideas. Will be happy to do a pr if you guys like it. Cheers 😄

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  • Created 6 years ago
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fregantecommented, May 31, 2019
  • When you visit your fork:

    1. Detect fork (e.g. bfred-it/refined-github)
    2. Cache it as fork:sindresorhus/refined-github = bfred-it/refined-github
  • When you visit a non-forked repo:

    • If fork:sindresorhus/refined-github is in the cache
      1. Validate the cache, i.e. fetch the fork (make sure this happens as little as possible). No API necessary, just a HEAD of ${location.origin}/${forkPath}

      2. If fork is still there, add a link to it next to the fork button, like in my mockup:

        instant fork
hkdobrevcommented, Mar 6, 2018

@bfred-it 👍 on combining approaches for latest data + reducing API usage on repo visit.

I still don’t think we need to do anything whatsoever with the Fork button visually or on click. I don’t get the benefit really.

The real benefit is to know you already have access to a fork and you can navigate with a click in a very familiar way.

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