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Hide successful checks by default in PRs

See original GitHub issue


Currently PRs look like this, which makes it difficult to see what failed exactly:

Screen Shot

What if we hid the passing ones if any are failing?

Screen Shot 1


  • In this mode, you can’t see which tests actually succeeded
  • Modifying this active widget could be difficult, but maybe a smart use of element-observer could make it easy enough
  • This feature could be implemented in CSS only with :has, but then it would be difficult to “show all” (maybe via :not(:focus-within)?)

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

fregantecommented, Jul 27, 2022

That selector actually pushes successful checks to the bottom, so running checks and failed checks will still be at the top, interleaved. We can use this order:

  1. failed (because you want to see and address them as soon as possible)
  2. running (because more checks can fail soon)
  3. successful/skipped
fregantecommented, Jul 27, 2022

Here’s a CSS-only feature with :has():

/* Hide successful statuses only if any failed #5856 */
.merge-status-list:has(.octicon-x) .merge-status-item:has(.octicon-check) {
	display: none !important;
Screen Shot

And here’s another version that probably solves every single problem at once (except “sort by name”)

/* Dim successful checks and bring failed checks to the top (unless everything is successful) #5856 */
.merge-status-list:has(.octicon-x) .merge-status-item:has(.octicon-check) {
	opacity: 0.5;
	order: 1

.merge-status-list:has(.octicon-x) {
	display: flex;
	flex-direction: column;
Screen Shot 2

I don’t particularly care that this is “Safari-only” at the moment because Chrome will follow soon and Firefox will follow eventually. Feels like a good win for 8 lines of inert code 😃

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