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memory leaks in image pipeline

See original GitHub issue

It seems to me that image pipeline is leaking memory in a very significant ways. I have spider that downloads lists of images. There were always problems with memory when downloading images, but now my list of images to download got larger and I thought about opening issue here.

Basically after opening some images memory usage goes up and stays up (it’s not reset to previous value). It might be some issue with PIL or it might be something we’re doing in pipeline that is causing this. In any case this looks worrying and I think we should reflect on steps to take to limit this problem.

Following code reproduces the problem (I know it’s long but this is really shortest I could get), it relies on presence of images.txt file that contains list of urls to images.

import resource
import shutil
import sys
import tempfile

import scrapy
from scrapy.pipelines.images import ImagesPipeline
from scrapy.utils.test import get_crawler
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.python import log

def log_memory(result):
    mem = resource.getrusage(resource.RUSAGE_SELF).ru_maxrss
    log.msg("{} bytes".format(mem))

class SomeSpider(scrapy.Spider):
    name = 'foo'

def download_image(url, pipe, spider):
    # Download image with pipeline.
    item = {
        'image_urls': [url]
    dfd = pipe.process_item(item, spider)
    return dfd

# Directory must be removed, otherwise pipeline will not attempt to download.
some_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
crawler = get_crawler(settings_dict={'IMAGES_STORE': some_dir,
                                     "IMAGE_EXPIRES": 0})

spider = SomeSpider()
spider.crawler = crawler
pipeline = ImagesPipeline.from_crawler(crawler)

def clean_up():
    print("removing {}".format(some_dir))

with open('images.txt') as image_list:
    image_urls =

for url in image_urls[:20]:
    dfd = download_image(url, pipeline, spider)

reactor.addSystemEventTrigger('before', 'shutdown', clean_up)

Sample output on attached image file: images.txt

2016-12-13 13:13:00+0100 [-] Log opened.
2016-12-13 13:13:00+0100 [-] TelnetConsole starting on 6023
2016-12-13 13:13:00+0100 [-] 44516 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:00+0100 [-] 44752 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:00+0100 [-] 49492 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 49680 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 49680 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 49680 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52312 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52312 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52316 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52316 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52316 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52532 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52532 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52700 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52700 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52700 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52700 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:01+0100 [-] 52700 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:02+0100 [-] 52700 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:03+0100 [-] (TCP Port 6023 Closed)
2016-12-13 13:13:03+0100 [-] 52700 bytes
^C2016-12-13 13:13:13+0100 [-] Received SIGINT, shutting down.
2016-12-13 13:13:13+0100 [-] removing /tmp/tmpD1dRmc
2016-12-13 13:13:13+0100 [-] 52700 bytes
2016-12-13 13:13:13+0100 [-] Main loop terminated.

Notice how memory goes up and stays up. from 44516 to 52700. Notice delay between final request and SIGINT ( 10 seconds). After this delay memory usage still stays at 52700.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

dev-iwfcommented, Dec 12, 2017

Looks like it. Thanks.

icankacommented, Mar 22, 2018

I had significant memory leak issue too when downloading images with IMAGES_MIN_HEIGHT and IMAGES_MIN_WEIGHT set. All of these image responses that does not meet min_height and min_weight condition raises ImageException and memory is filling up with these image responses. I deduced info.downloaded[fp] = result part of the _cache_result_and_execute_waiters function was the problem. result turns out to be twisted Failure and dont know why but causes these image responses to fill up memory. i tried emptying info.downloaded cache as mentioned in #939 but then obviously scraping takes significantly longer.I realized only key if fp in info.downloaded: is checked to decide if request has already downloaded.I solved it by assigning None to info.downloaded[fp] if its an instance of Failure.Total request count and scraping time doesnt seem to be changed.I dont know how much of a good idea this is but it solved my issue.

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