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It would be nice to enable pypy tests on travis, mention pypy support in the docs and benchmark a couple of spiders.

What is currently broken in tests:

  • #2030 - there are failing signals tests under PyPy (old signals also didn’t work under PyPy) - probably it’s better to fix them after the merge, since the PR is already big.
  • There are some failures with encoding (different number of <?> inserted), filed
  • Failure in ImagesPipelineTestCase.test_convert_image looks like a Pillow bug under PyPy?
  • There are some failures in tests that rely on implementations differences or bugs that are absent on PyPy - here just the tests must be updated.

Other tasks:

Status: 1 failure in

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  • Created 7 years ago
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kmikecommented, Dec 25, 2017

It looks like this is ready to be closed - any more pull requests @lopuhin? 😃

lopuhincommented, Dec 22, 2017

@kmike the failure is already resolved (probably by Pillow), but docs are worth updating, that’s a good catch! I can work on it before next Monday.

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