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Does <SvgUri /> component support cache?

See original GitHub issue

Does <SvgUri /> component support cache like react native’s <Image /> component?

For example I’m using cache for my remote png files like

     uri: "",
     cache: 'force-cache',

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27leavescommented, Mar 29, 2021

I also needed caching and solved it like this:

// CachedSVGUri.js
import React, {Component} from 'react';
import {SvgFromXml} from 'react-native-svg';
import SVGCacheService from '../services/storage/SVGCacheService';

export async function fetchCached(uri) {
    const cached = await SVGCacheService.getSvg(uri);
    if (cached) {
        return cached;
    } else {
        const response = await fetch(uri);
        const svg = await response.text();
        SVGCacheService.setSvg(uri, svg);
        return svg;

export default class CachedSvgUri extends Component {
    state = {xml: null};
    componentDidMount() {
    componentDidUpdate(prevProps) {
        const {uri} = this.props;
        if (uri !== prevProps.uri) {
    async fetch(uri) {
        try {
            this.setState({xml: uri ? await fetchCached(uri) : null});
        } catch (e) {
    render() {
        const {
            state: {xml},
        } = this;
        return <SvgFromXml xml={xml} override={props} />;
// SVGCacheService.js
import AsyncStorage from '@react-native-community/async-storage';

const ASYNC_STORAGE_KEY = 'svg-cache';

let data = null;

const loadData = async () => {
    const defaultData = {
        svgs: {},

    const result = await AsyncStorage.getItem(ASYNC_STORAGE_KEY);
    data = result ? await JSON.parse(result) : defaultData;
    data = {...defaultData,};

export default class SVGCacheService {
    static async setSvg(uri, svg) {
        const oldData = data || {};

        const newData = {
            svgs: {
                [uri]: svg,

        data = newData;

        await AsyncStorage.setItem(ASYNC_STORAGE_KEY, JSON.stringify(newData));

    static async getSvg(uri) {
        if (data === null) await loadData();
        return data.svgs[uri];

27leavescommented, Jun 14, 2021

@danyasnov hey there! thank you for your answer and the hint with the memory leak. do you know why this is the case and how you could test for that? thank you!

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