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Failing to get output tensor on GPU device

See original GitHub issue

Description Hello,

I’m trying to get an output tensor on the GPU device when doing InferenceRequest from the python backend

Triton Information What version of Triton are you using? Are you using the Triton container or did you build it yourself?

To Reproduce

Here is a simple reproduction, I just make a request to a simple ONNX graph. I print if the output tensor is on GPU or CPU

import triton_python_backend_utils as pb_utils
import json
import asyncio

class TritonPythonModel:
    def initialize(self, args):
        self.model_config = json.loads(args['model_config'])

    async def execute(self, requests):
        responses = []
        for request in requests:
            in_0 = pb_utils.get_input_tensor_by_name(request, "input")
            inference_response_awaits = []
            infer_request = pb_utils.InferenceRequest(


            inference_responses = await asyncio.gather(

            for infer_response in inference_responses:
                if infer_response.has_error():
                    raise pb_utils.TritonModelException(

            pytorch_output0_tensor = pb_utils.get_output_tensor_by_name(
                inference_responses[0], "output")

            # Here we print if the tensor is on CPU or GPU

            inference_response = pb_utils.InferenceResponse(

        return responses

    def finalize(self):
        print('Cleaning up...')
name: "bls_async2"
backend: "python"
max_batch_size: 0

input [
    name: "input"
    data_type: TYPE_FP32
    dims: [ 1, 3 ]
output [
    name: "output"
    data_type: TYPE_FP32
    dims: [ 1, 3 ]

instance_group [
      count: 1
      kind: KIND_GPU

parameters: { key: "FORCE_CPU_ONLY_INPUT_TENSORS" value: {string_value:"no"}}

I run the server with

tritonserver --model-repository `pwd`/models --model-control-mode=poll --repository-poll-secs 2 --log-verbose 100

In the log I see it enters here

It will print True because is_cpu is true for the output

Expected behavior is_cpu to be false

I add a zip containing the example models, you just need to run python3 to run an inference ->

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:6 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

amircodotacommented, Jul 28, 2022

@Tabrizian Works like a charm ⭐


amircodotacommented, Jul 28, 2022

Thanks a lot! will try

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