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Onnxruntime execute failure

See original GitHub issue

Previously, I used the 21.03 container for serving my onnx model (exported Nvidia Citrinet ASR model). Everything worked fine. Right now I need to use version 21.07+, but I get this creepy error:

onnxruntime execute failure 1: Non-zero status code returned while running FusedConv node. Name:'Conv_35_Add_36_Relu_37' Status Message: CUDNN error executing cudnnAddTensor(Base::CudnnHandle(), &alpha, Base::s_.z_tensor, Base::s_.z_data, &alpha, Base::s_.y_tensor, Base::s_.y_data)

Just in case, I reconverted Citrinet to onnx with the latest onnxruntime version (1.9.0, but also tried 1.8.1) and checked everything again, nothing changed.

I checked some containers: 21.03-py3 - everything works fine, I can get server responses with correct inference output data. 21.06-py3, 21.07-py3, 21.08-py3 - getting error (pasted it above).

CUDA: 11.4, Driver Version: 470.57.02

What can you advise me to run inference in new versions of the container correctly?

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hyperfraisecommented, Jun 7, 2022

This “workaround” slashes the performance. I feel like this should be reopened.

ValeryNikiforovcommented, Oct 1, 2021

@CoderHam I found a workaround, everything works fine with optimization {graph : {level : -1}} in config.pbtxt (with no fusions optimization). I got this idea from here. And, of course, everything is ok when I use CPU for inference instead of GPU.

Also, according to Onnxruntime releases, v.1.8.2 has “fixed a crash issue when optimizing Conv->Add->Relu”. However, building the ONNX Runtime backend with v1.8.2+ for Triton didn’t help me. Maybe this information will be useful to you in some way.

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