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_reactNativePushNotification.default.cancelLocalNotification is not a function

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I receive the following error message when I am calling PushNotification.cancelLocalNotification(id):

[TypeError: _reactNativePushNotification.default.cancelLocalNotification is not a function. (In '_reactNativePushNotification.default.cancelLocalNotification(id)', '_reactNativePushNotification.default.cancelLocalNotification' is undefined)]

I am using the following versions: react-native-push-notification: 8.1.0 react-native: 0.65.0

I expect the function to cancel the scheduled push notification with the specific ID. Instead I receive the error message above. I have tested on both an iOS and Android device with the same result. Other PushNotification functions work fine.

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Sliimycommented, Jan 6, 2022

I had the same error, it seems to be an issue with the cache.

I used a previous version with the function cancelLocalNotifications({id:“abc”})

But this method is now deprecated, so I update the package (version 8.1.1) and tried to use cancelLocalNotification(“abc”) It didn’t work in the first time.

It was due to two things.

First one, the native function was not executed. (Even cleaning the cache and uninstalling/reinstalling the app) I had to make some random changement in the file /node_modules/react-native-push-notification/component/ , save it, start the application with an error, and remove my random changement, start the app. And now the native function was executed. It seems that my application was still using the file from the previous version. The issue #2122 helps me to figure it out.

Second one, the id must be a string of integer, id=“abc” did not work anymore but id=“123” works.

I hope it will help.

cyndecommented, Sep 22, 2021

use cancelLocalNotifications({id: 1})

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