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`concatMap` omits values that `mergeMap` catches

See original GitHub issue

Hi There,

I’ve added two extensions to Wonka that potentially highlight an incompatibility between concatMap and mergeMap.

iterate A new source that represents a potentially infinite generator from a starting value and an iteration step. Analogous to Haskell’s iterate ( but with optional termination.

let iterate =
    (start: 'a, next: 'a => option('a)): Wonka.Types.sourceT(int) => {
  Wonka.Types.curry(sink => {
    let state: Wonka.trampolineT(option('a)) = {
      ended: false,
      looping: false,
      pulled: false,
      current: Some(start),

        (. signal) =>
          switch (signal, state.looping) {
          | (Pull, false) =>
            state.pulled = true;
            state.looping = true;

            while (state.pulled && !state.ended) {
              switch (state.current) {
              | Some(x) =>
                state.current = next(x);
                state.pulled = false;
                sink(. Push(x));
              | None =>
                state.ended = true;
                sink(. End);
          | (Pull, true) => state.pulled = true
          | (Close, _) => state.ended = true

downTo An operator for getting numbers start, start - 1, … down to a provided bound. E.g., downTo(3, 1) would produce [|3, 2, 1|] in a stream.

let downTo = (start: int, bound: int): Wonka.Types.sourceT(int) =>
  iterate(start, x => x <= bound ? None : Some(x - 1));

toArrayAsync A sink that captures all stream values in an array, wrapped up in a promise. This fixes toArray to work with asynchronous streams.

let toAsyncArray = (source: Wonka.Types.sourceT('a)): Js.Promise.t(array('a)) =>
  Js.Promise.make((~resolve, ~reject as _) => {
    let state: Wonka.toArrayStateT('a) = {
      values: Rebel.MutableQueue.make(),
      talkback: (. _) => (),
      value: None,
      ended: false,

    source((. signal) =>
      switch (signal) {
      | Start(x) =>
        state.talkback = x;
        x(. Pull);
      | Push(value) =>
        Rebel.MutableQueue.add(state.values, value);
        state.talkback(. Pull);
      | End =>
        state.ended = true;
        state.talkback(. Close);
        let finalArray = Rebel.MutableQueue.toArray(state.values);
        resolve(. finalArray);


Some tests to demonstrate how these work:

test("Wonka iterate down.", () =>
  Library.Wonkatools.downTo(3, 0)
  |> Wonka.toArray
  |> expect == [|3, 2, 1, 0|]

test("Wonka sync arrays dont collect", () =>
  [|1, 2, 3|]
  |> Wonka.fromArray
  |> Wonka.mergeMap((. x) => Js.Promise.resolve(x) |> Wonka.fromPromise)
  |> Wonka.toArray
  |> expect == [||]

testPromise("Wonka async arrays do collect", () =>
  [|1, 2, 3|]
  |> Wonka.fromArray
  |> Wonka.mergeMap((. x) => Js.Promise.resolve(x) |> Wonka.fromPromise)
  |> Library.Wonkatools.toAsyncArray
  |> Js.Promise.then_(array => array |> expect == [|1, 2, 3|] |> Js.Promise.resolve)

The issue

Finally, here is a description of the issue. Below is a test that times out (concatMap fails to collect any values). It times out:

Timeout - Async callback was not invoked within the 5000ms timeout specified by jest.setTimeout.Timeout - Async callback was not invoked within the 5000ms

If I replace concatMap with mergeMap, this test succeeds.

testPromise("Wonka concat problem", () =>
  Library.Wonkatools.downTo(3, 0)
  |> Wonka.concatMap((. x) => Js.Promise.resolve(x) |> Wonka.fromPromise)
  |> Library.Wonkatools.toAsyncArray
  |> Js.Promise.then_(array => array |> expect == [|3, 2, 1, 0|] |> Js.Promise.resolve)

Any thoughts on why concatMap is skipping these values?

Tests use bs-jest.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kittencommented, Aug 16, 2020

I see! So I suppose as concatMap was waiting for the promise source to resolve, when it was pulling again the source was stuck in a looping state which didn’t allow it to push anymore, while mergeMap would eagerly pull, which allowed the promises to just resolve in order. That makes sense 😅

Glad this is resolved! I should probably add iterate to the built-in sources (Great Name btw!)

Pet3riscommented, Aug 16, 2020

@kitten You’re a legend - everything works!

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