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Wonka module not found

See original GitHub issue

I have been trying to install Wonka on a reason project for last two days and cant seem to get it to be recognized.

reproduction here:

Steps to repoduce error

Setup Project

Dependencies have been installed with pnpm.

pnmp i bs-webapi wonka

Add new deps to bsconfig.json:

  "bs-dependencies": [

Run Project

npm install
npm start

On running npm start compiler error is:

➜  wonka-not-found npm start

> wonka-not-found@0.1.0 start /Users/prisc_000/Downloads/wonka-not-found
> bsb -make-world -w -ws _

bsb: no work to do.
bsb: no work to do.
File "bsconfig.json", line 1
Error: package gentype not found or built
- Did you install it?
- If you did, did you run `bsb -make-world`?
>>>> Start compiling
[18/25] Building src/Blinking...ClickEventDemo-ReasonReactExamples.cmj
FAILED: src/BlinkingGreeting/WonkaClickEventDemo-ReasonReactExamples.cmj src/BlinkingGreeting/WonkaClickEventDemo-ReasonReactExamples.cmi /Users/prisc_000/Downloads/wonka-not-found/src/BlinkingGreeting/
/Users/prisc_000/.fnm/node-versions/v13.3.0/installation/pnpm-global/3/node_modules/.pnpm/ -nostdlib -bs-package-name reason-react-examples -bs-ns ReasonReactExamples  -bs-package-output commonjs:src/BlinkingGreeting -color always -bs-suffix -I . -I src/ReducerFromReactJSDocs -I src/ReasonUsingJSUsingReason -I src/BlinkingGreeting -I src/FetchedDogPictures -I src -I /Users/prisc_000/Downloads/wonka-not-found/node_modules/reason-react/lib/ocaml -I /Users/prisc_000/Downloads/wonka-not-found/node_modules/bs-webapi/lib/ocaml -I /Users/prisc_000/Downloads/wonka-not-found/node_modules/wonka/lib/ocaml -I /Users/prisc_000/Downloads/wonka-not-found/node_modules/bs-platform/lib/ocaml -w -30-40+6+7+27+32..39+44+45+101 -bs-super-errors -bs-no-version-header -o src/BlinkingGreeting/WonkaClickEventDemo-ReasonReactExamples.cmj src/BlinkingGreeting/WonkaClickEventDemo.reast

  We've found a bug for you!
  /Users/prisc_000/Downloads/wonka-not-found/src/BlinkingGreeting/ 5:6-10

  3 │    fromEvent(document, 'click').subscribe(() => console.log('Clicked!')
      ); */
  4 │ open Webapi.Dom;
  5 │ open Wonka;
  6 │ [@react.component]
  7 │ let make = () => {

  The module or file Wonka can't be found.
  - If it's a third-party dependency:
    - Did you list it in bsconfig.json?
    - Did you run `bsb` instead of `bsb -make-world`
      (latter builds third-parties)?
  - Did you include the file's directory in bsconfig.json?

[23/25] Building src/FetchedD...hedDogPictures-ReasonReactExamples.cmj
FAILED: subcommand failed.
>>>> Finish compiling(exit: 1)

Thank you, sir.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kittencommented, Jan 19, 2020

I’ll have to update the readme for BS usage I think. Basically neither bs-platform nor genType are listed as peer dependencies in the package.json for raw JS, TypeScript, and Flow support. But they are indeed needed to compile Wonka with BuckleScript.

idkjscommented, Jan 17, 2020

That worked. Have never had to install gentype when working with npm so ignored that warning. I did not add gentypeconfig to bsconfig.json either. Does that mean that pnpm is treating gentype as a peer dependency? There aren’t any listed in the repo, anyway.

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