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Add a starknet id hook to starknet js

See original GitHub issue

Hey I’m ben from starknet id. . We’re building the identity service and naming service of starknet.

Some of our partners (realms and cartridge in particular) asked us to make some hooks directly in starknet js to access domain names from a particular address and vice-versa.

Here is an example of the hook we want to make :

const addressToCheck = '0x2fd23d9182193775423497fc0c472e156c57c69e4089a1967fb288a2d84e914';

const domain = address.getDomainFromAddress(addressToCheck, "goerli");

console.log(domain); // Fricoben.stark

In the other sense, we have :

const domainToCheck = 'Fricoben.stark';

const address = address.getDomainFromAddress(domainToCheck, "goerli");

console.log(address); // 0x2fd23d9182193775423497fc0c472e156c57c69e4089a1967fb288a2d84e914

Here is the documentation about dev integration of starknet id.

I discussed this with one of you in and Starknet Building (hello Toni) and we can use a few solutions to make it happen.

  1. I can make the PR Myself
  2. I can use Starknet Id onlydust credit (if you have someone to propose don’t hesitate)

Tell me if it’s ok for you !

Thank you for your help, Don’t hesitate to ask questions here or on telegram (@fricoben).

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

fracekcommented, Nov 8, 2022

This would be good to have in starknet.js! Then it’s super easy to add it to starknet-react too to have react hooks.

github-actions[bot]commented, Dec 5, 2022

🎉 This issue has been resolved in version 4.15.0 🎉

The release is available on:

Your semantic-release bot 📦🚀

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