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Hi there,

I recently got this from the bot:

Hi there! It's Nikita, the creator of Shieldy. Over 65 000 chats added Shieldy! It is free and I sell no ads so I decided to tell you about my new project  Todorant.

Todorant is a smart todo list that uses cognitive psychology to make your brain feel pleasure by achieving goals. I created Todorant for myself — and I use it every day — but my friends asked me to give them access to Todorant. And today anyone can use Todorant:

As a website
On iOS
On Android

I outlined the main productivity rules in my post "How I launched 7 products in 1 year" and in the video-summary "How to use Todorant" (just 2 minutes long). Briefly, Todorant makes you add an exact date or month to every task, you only see one task at a time to focus on the main screen, unpleasant tasks are called frogs and should be done first thing in the morning.

I hacked my productivity with the simple rules and made the app so that you could do it as well! Todorant is completely free for the first 30 days, and you can even use mobile apps without login! No strings attached — just try Todorant as a website, on iOS or Android today. This is how you can support free Voicy that transcribes over 90 000 voice messages a day! Thank you!

— @borodutch

Why the heck would we start getting spam from the bot?

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q5syscommented, Jun 1, 2020

channel admin != channel users Channel Administrators are the ones who implement your bot and who are your users. Spam channel admin all you want, they are the ones ‘USING’ Sheildy.
Individual channel members did not choose Shieldy and have no control over a bot or the channel.

To individual channel members… they see a bot that they know nothing about sending messages about a paid product. As a channel admin I have to deal with complaints from members of my channels about why the bot is sending ads about a paid service.

Please don’t spam channel members who have nothing to do with what bot is being run.

I have no complaint if you want send your ads to me… I’m the one making a decision to use your bot. Im happy to learn about your other projects. My members are not making the decision to use your bot, so don’t try to get money from them.

FiveBoroughscommented, Jun 1, 2020

Also this is a code repo, this issue concerns one public instance of Shieldy. Run this code yourself if you don’t like this specific instance’s policy

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