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Its possible to tell if the whole structure has been validated without errors?

See original GitHub issue

A function like allTheFieldOfTheNestedStructureAreTrue

I need to know if there is at least an error or not, to integrate spected with Formik

The formik hoc validate hook expect an empty object if the form has no errors, so I think to do something like

  validate: values => {
    const res = spected(validationSpecs, values)

    return isValid(res) ? ({}) : res

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:11 (4 by maintainers)

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daniele-rapagnanicommented, Aug 4, 2017

Hey, what about something like this:

const specialSpected = (spec, input) => {
  let valid = true;
  const failFunc = (f) => {
    if (valid) {
      valid = false;
    return f;
  const validation = validate(() => true, failFunc, spec, input);
  return {

In this way you have no performance hit because you don’t have to traverse the object again. I don’t know if a solution like this should be provided by spected itself, I can’t think of an elegant way to integrate it in the current API other than providing another function, which sounds like unnecessary complexity.


cloud-walkercommented, Aug 4, 2017

I’ve sketched out a possible isValid function, here:,output

For @daniele-rapagnani : I don’t like to integrate the current idea either, but I still think it should be in the library, as its a common case, and I bet the most of the libraries out there will need it.

Cool trick BTW!

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