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[Question] dealing with parent children relationship

See original GitHub issue

👋this library has been awesome for validating properties both static and dynamic which is great so thanks!

my question has there been any thoughts when for example you need to find duplicates

from the docs:

const input = {
  id: 4,
  users: {
    one: {firstName: 'foobar', lastName: 'action'},
    two: {firstName: 'foo', lastName: 'bar'},
    three: {firstName: 'foobar', lastName: 'Action'},

const validationRules = {
  id: [[ notEmpty, notEmptyMsg('id') ]],
  users: map(always(userSpec)),

we can easily validate the children individual properties such as firstName, lastName

but in order to find the duplicates between each, users.two.firstName, etc child we need the actual users object to compare each child

the only thing i can think of is maybe updating the validationRules for users to pre-process the input and then pass the function to merge with the existing userSpec

dont know if anyone else had a similar experience so i thought i would ask


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davidchasecommented, May 28, 2018

@busypeoples cool sounds good, let me know what you come up with 😃

busypeoplescommented, Apr 21, 2018

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Will look into this, either today or tomorrow.

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