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TypeScript typings

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

I created a pull request in the DefinitelyTyped repository:

It’s basically working, but some things could be nicer (or better typed):

  1. Generics for Spec and Result
  2. Typings if SpecValue is a function

Especially point 2 is hard for me to figure out…


const spec = {
    a: [[ values => R.all((val) => false, values), 'msg']],
    b:[[(val) => false, 'msg']])),
    c: => [[(val) => false, 'msg']])

I have no clue what those function signatures for a, b and c are. I know from your source code, that those functions have a single argument (= value). But I have no clue about the return types.

I’m no Ramda / Functional Programming export. Though some help would be appreciated 😄 Especially when it comes to currying I’m lost 😆

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

benneqcommented, Jan 18, 2019

Thanks to jack-williams we now have working booleans!

I didn’t know about this “distributive conditional types” in TypeScript. Really weird stuff 😆

declare function spected<ROOTINPUT, SPEC extends SpecValue<ROOTINPUT, ROOTINPUT> = SpecValue<ROOTINPUT, ROOTINPUT>>(spec: SPEC, input: ROOTINPUT): Result<ROOTINPUT, SPEC>;

type Predicate<INPUT, ROOTINPUT> = (value: INPUT, inputs: ROOTINPUT) => boolean;

type ErrorMsg<INPUT> =
    | (string | number | boolean | symbol | null | undefined | object)
    | ((value: INPUT, field: string) => any);

export type Spec<INPUT, ROOTINPUT = any> = [Predicate<INPUT, ROOTINPUT>, ErrorMsg<INPUT>];

export type SpecArray<INPUT, ROOTINPUT = any> = Array<Spec<INPUT, ROOTINPUT>>

export type SpecFunction<INPUT, ROOTINPUT = any> = [INPUT] extends [ReadonlyArray<infer U>]
    ? (value: INPUT) => ReadonlyArray<SpecArray<U, ROOTINPUT>>
    : [INPUT] extends [object]
        ? (value: INPUT) => SpecObject<INPUT, ROOTINPUT>
        : (value: INPUT) => SpecArray<INPUT, ROOTINPUT>;

export type SpecObject<INPUT, ROOTINPUT = any> = Partial<{[key in keyof INPUT]: SpecValue<INPUT[key], ROOTINPUT>}>

export type SpecValue<INPUT, ROOTINPUT = any> = [INPUT] extends [ReadonlyArray<any>]
    ? SpecArray<INPUT, ROOTINPUT> | SpecFunction<INPUT, ROOTINPUT>
        : [INPUT] extends [object]
            ? SpecArray<INPUT, ROOTINPUT> | SpecFunction<INPUT, ROOTINPUT> | SpecObject<INPUT, ROOTINPUT>
            : SpecArray<INPUT, ROOTINPUT> | SpecFunction<INPUT, ROOTINPUT>;

export type Result<INPUT, SPEC> = {[key in keyof INPUT]: true | any[] | Result<INPUT[key], any>};
benneqcommented, Jan 17, 2019

Yes this works. But again there are problems with type inference for tuples 😦

const data = {
    b: ["a", "b"]
const rules: Spec<typeof data, typeof data> = {
    b: input => => [[(val) => false, 'msg']])
    // here [[(val) => false, 'msg']] is not detected as tuple [Predicate, ErrorMsg],
    // but instead as Array<Predicate | ErrorMsg>
    // so you've got to write this:
    // input => => [[(val) => false, 'msg']] as [Predicate<string, any>, ErrorMsg<string>][])

And the other problem is, that you are allowed to write (val) => (val) => (val) => ......

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