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JSON Schema input crashes on latest version

See original GitHub issue


I’ve created a schema.json using the introspection query shown by the documentation. However, when running the script to create the documentation page, I hit an issue right away:

Cannot read property '__schema' of undefined

A closer look at lib/schema-loader/json.js shows this:

    try {
        var schemaPath = path_1.resolve(options.schemaFile);
        var introspection = require(schemaPath);
        return Promise.resolve(;

Why is there an expectation of a data field in the introspected schema.json file? I am able to generate a documentation page by removing the data field. But, I would like to know why the data field was put in the first place. I’m not sure if there are grave consequences to doing this. If this is an uncaught issue, I would be happy to open a PR 😄


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mbao01commented, Nov 6, 2019

@ayyazdaniaryan Any updates on that PR? I’m willing to help with it.

chrisaecommented, Nov 5, 2019

Usually one would write the data as a JSON but it looks like the pure introspection result is used here. This works for me using schema.json:

const fs = require('fs');
const { buildSchema, graphqlSync, introspectionQuery } = require("graphql");

const schemaString = ''; // your SDL as a string, e.g. read schema.graphql
const graphqlSchemaObj = buildSchema(schemaString);
const result = graphqlSync(graphqlSchemaObj, introspectionQuery);
fs.writeFileSync("./schema.json", JSON.stringify(result, null, 2));

I’m putting the result into JSON.stringify, not

And execute:

 graphdoc -s ./schema.json -o ./doc/schema
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