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Breaking change in function behavior getItemById ( Dataview )

See original GitHub issue

In the version 2.4.32

const Item = this.dataView.getItemById(id); 

with id = ‘99’ or 99 it works.

In version 2.4.33 with id = ‘99’ getItemById does not work anymore

// work
function getItemById(id) {
      return items[idxById[id]];
//  does not work

function getItemById(id) {
return items[idxById.get(id)];

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5

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bzhjackcommented, Feb 10, 2021

ok i will adapt my code 😃 thanks

ghiscodingcommented, Feb 10, 2021

BTW, since you’ve talked about Angular… you can take a look at my lib Angular-Slickgrid, it’s a wrapper on top of this SlickGrid fork which works out of the box for Angular with a lot of extra goodies.

Thanks for your issue feedback, I wasn’t aware of any impact, so it’s a “good to know” fact about this new strict equality. Have a nice day

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