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Minor change for handleMenuItemClick

See original GitHub issue

There is a simple change which can be made to allow for more dynamic decisions as to whether to hide the header menu for a given command.

In plugins/headerMenu.js

For the handleMenuItemClick function:

hideMenu() is called prior to checking whether there is a command.

This means every time you click a menu option the menu closes.

If you move hideMenu after the if block and wrap it as follows:

if(!e.isDefaultPrevented) {

The result is the menu will only be hidden if a developer doesn’t use e.preventDefault() in the onCommand handler.

onCommand: (e: Event, args: MenuCommandItemCallbackArgs) => {
  // do stuff that will not close the window.

This would also mean a developer’s could decide whether to prevent the default depending on the command that is being handled.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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6paccommented, Mar 16, 2021

thanks @ghiscoding maybe better if you do it…

ghiscodingcommented, Mar 17, 2021

done… and I went further and applied it to all plugins with menu that I found (4 of them) to have such behaviors.

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