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Fit columns without forcefitcolumns=true

See original GitHub issue

When resizing a column and forceFitColumns=true all columns always stick to the viewport 100%. The right most column’s right border sticks to the viewport right border and a horizontal scrollbar is never shown. When resizing a single column the next column grows/shrinks until it’s max/minwidth and then the next column etc.

forceFitColumns is deprecated and we get a console.log message now: forceFitColumns option is deprecated - use autosizeColsMode.

Having read my expectation is that I could get a similar sticky fitting behavior with autosizeColsMode=FitColsToViewport and all columns set to autosizeMode=GUI and sizeToRemaining=true.

But when I resize a column with those options and also with any other combo of settings I tried, the right border of the right column never sticks to the right border of the viewport: either a horizontal scrollbar appears, or there is margin.

I tried this with and in my application.

Perhaps I’m missing some setting. How can I get the (old) sticky/fitting behavior with autosizeColsMode?

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  • Created 2 years ago
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6paccommented, Apr 30, 2021

Thanks for taking this one up, @ghiscoding!

Just should say that I put the new autosizing feature in a while back, but I have found it still quite difficult to get good results with it on ‘Auto’ mode. It’s not that there’s anything wrong - it’s just a quite hard problem. I think I need to go back and do some more tweaking.
So I’d say, don’t be afraid to use the legacy mode if that works better for you.

I will be doing some more testing soon, I’ll keep this issue in mind when I do.

6paccommented, Jun 15, 2021

Ok, so as far as I can see, the forceFitColumns code has not actually been touched - it’s still there and still works, up to the current version. I think the easiest solution is simply for me to remove the message.

It should be possible to reproduce forceFitColumns behaviour with

 options.autosizeColsMode = Slick.GridAutosizeColsMode.LegacyForceFit;

I’ll go over and check the interactions to make sure this is the case, and revisit the ForceFit behaviour in the new mode. That should take us into the future.

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