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Following program causes garbage collection

See original GitHub issue

using ZeroLog;
using ZeroLog.Appenders;
using ZeroLog.Configuration;

LogManager.Initialize(new ZeroLogConfiguration()
    LogMessagePoolSize = 10240,
    RootLogger =
        Appenders =
            new ConsoleAppender()

var logger = LogManager.GetLogger("Main");

var rand = new Random();
while (true)
    var r = rand.Next();
    logger.Info($"rand: {r}");

when running the above program using 2.0.1 nuget package of ZeroLog, I can see the system is doing garbage collection.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what is going on, but I thought that the logging was meant to be zero allocation and thus no garbage should be created.

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ltrzesniewskicommented, Feb 6, 2023

Well, oops. Sorry about that. 😬

Turns out, UTF8Encoding has an optimization that OSEncoding does not: the base Encoding class allocates by default, and UTF8Encoding overrides that part. 😞 Maybe that’s something I should report as an issue with OSEncoding

Just FYI, you have some easier solutions that avoid allocations than copying the ConsoleAppender code:

  • An appender that inherits ConsoleAppender

    class MyAppender : ConsoleAppender
        public MyAppender()
            Encoding = Encoding.Default;
  • Using new TextWriterAppender(Console.Out) with ZeroLog v2.1.0-pre2 (but that removes color)

  • Setting Console.OutputEncoding = Encoding.UTF8; before the ConsoleAppender is instantiated should also do the trick (if you can do that for your app).

In any case, that will be fixed in ZeroLog v2.1.0 final. 🙂

petdrcommented, Feb 6, 2023

Thanks for the prompt response and can confirm that in my real app I’m no longer seeing allocations.

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