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Hi there! I’m in love with your zero allocation implementation since I’m a big fan of Span and stackalloc 😃 I was in the process of doing that myself and stumble upon your great framework. And then I had a thought: It would be super great to have a ZeroLog.Core nuget implementing the core of a logging framework, then all the existing logging framework could re-implement their string management with this package and boom, you made the world sustainable again!

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ltrzesniewskicommented, Aug 4, 2022

Actually, it doesn’t emit IL at runtime. v1 did that, but we removed it in v2.

The IL you see is “emitted” at compile time (see

ltrzesniewskicommented, Aug 4, 2022

Well, in that case, I think ZeroLog already does what you want. 🙂

You can consider its primary job is the first point you mention, but it is still designed to be extensible (your second point):

  • You can supply your own appender that derives from ZeroLog.Appenders.Appender (or StreamAppender) if you need to add a new sink.
  • You can supply your own formatter ZeroLog.Formatting.Formatter if you need another log format. We may implement logfmt or ndjson formats in the future.

As for your first point, there are a few ways to extend it as well:

  • You can write extension methods on LogMessage for your own types (we have a few of those in our codebase).
  • You can use an LogMessage.AppendOperation<T> in interpolated strings.

That’s something I should document I suppose. 🙂

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