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Support GPU similar to CPU

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CPU (cores) are first-class citizens in Host but not GPU’s. Add support for GPU core count?

Describe the solution you’d like

We have machines with 8 GPU’s in them. it would be nice to be able to specify a service with GPU cores and have similar to taskset affinity to the GPU’s.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

larsbijlcommented, Aug 16, 2020

A little update on this. I have the majority of this ported over.

Some outstanding issues that I will need some help on.

  1. for simplicity I modified the Initial migration to incorporate all the changed needed in both the tables, functions and triggers. To keep backward compatibility for users it will need to make it into a migration.

  2. Our cuegui and rqd have diverged too much for easy merge. I’ve ported what I can, but it will likely be missing elements.

  3. We don’t use windows, the GPU RQD side uses nvidia-smi directly. we will want to find an OS-agnostic method.

  4. tests. we will definitely need to write some tests.

donalmcommented, Aug 11, 2020

That’d be amazing - thanks @larsbijl !

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