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Possible flaky issue opening channel to LND nodes

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

I run an LND node on version 0.15.0-beta and lately have had two separate node operators running Eclair 0.7 mention that their requests to open a channel with me were timing out. Others are able to open a channel to me just fine. One of the operators was able to open after waiting a day and retrying.

I’m wondering if some flaky incompatibility could have been introduced in Eclair 0.7, or LND 0.15.0-beta. I’m happy to do some investigation into both code bases, hoping somebody could give me some pointers on which direction to look in the Eclair codebase.

Apologies I don’t have more info on the issue. I will try to get some logs from the other node operators.

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  • Created 8 months ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

t-bastcommented, Aug 23, 2022

Thanks for the logs @DerEwige, it shows that the issue doesn’t seem to be on the eclair side.

In the good case, eclair sends open_channel and receives accept_channel, and everything works fine. In the bad case, eclair sends open_channel but then lnd never responds, so eclair cannot do anything else than wait and eventually timeout.

So you’ll need to figure out why lnd doesn’t respond to the open_channel message. The operator of the lnd node will have to look at their logs to see if they can figure out what happens, or ask for help from the lnd team to understand why lnd goes silent.

Crypt-iQcommented, Sep 6, 2022

Sorry I misread the OP.

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