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Normalize the names returned from BankD and GrandID

See original GitHub issue

The name(s) returned from BankID and GrandID seems to be returned as all capital letters in some cases. For me personally, it does not, but fore some colleagues it does.

So, for me it’s returned as this: Peter Örneholm But for some other, it’s returned like this: PETER ÖRNEHOLM

Should we, and if so how, implement a way of normalizing this in any way? Would be nice to be able to consume it and trust that it’s written not capitalized.

If we decide to implement it, I’d suggest it’s behind a flag so you can disable it from *AuthenticationOptions.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

PeterOrneholmcommented, Oct 23, 2018

I don’t think that we need to reinvent the wheel here, the initial problem could be how it is already stored in Skatteverket database or somewhere else where BankID fetches the assigned data. So if it is already messed up as a first - it is hard to guess

Yea, I think if we can’t make it “good enough” we might skip this for 1.0, and as you say, we could ask whey the data is all cap in the first place. Really strange. I feel implementing it but not supporting a lot of scenarios might only make people confused.

PeterOrneholmcommented, Oct 11, 2018

Could TextInfo.ToTitleCase() be used?

We’d have to lowercase everything at first as all capitalized words is ignored.

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