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Override for Razor Class Library does not work with current partial tag helpers

See original GitHub issue

We use the latest <partial name="" /> tag helper, but somehow it does not work when you override it in the actual MVC project, so the browser renders exactly the tag which means Razor does not recognise it as a valid partial wrapper.

One of the solutions could be to rollback to the old implementation of rendering partials, like @await Html.PartialAsync("_partial.cshtml")

Or we can completely get rid of the partials and start using components instead ( I like this option more, but needs to be tested if Razor engine on the top project can recognise it.

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Zonnexcommented, Feb 25, 2019

So I have experimented more with this, and if we would convert to use Razor Pages instead of Controllers, we would make it possible to override our pages from many more folders.

Using a structure like this: image

We can then allow users to override our partials in these places whether or not the calling application is made with Razor Pages or Controllers.:


By staying with Controllers, I could only override the partials in 2 places, which I think it was these two

Zonnexcommented, Feb 26, 2019

Opened a new issue for further discussion regarding conversion. Here we simply update the documentation so it describes how to override partials.

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