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Cruddl with Typescript project

See original GitHub issue

Having a heckuva time even following your demo/setup code in the Readme due to Typescript errors on cruddl dependencies. Getting errors such as:

node_modules/graphql-yoga/dist/types.d.ts:8:29 - error TS2307: Cannot find module 'apollo-server-core'.
8 import { LogFunction } from 'apollo-server-core';

I’ve tried mucking with my tsconfig.json and importing several different @types/ to my package.json to no avail. What am I missing?

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  • Created 4 years ago
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Yogucommented, Aug 30, 2019

I think we can just switch to ApolloServer. graphql-yoga has caused quite a few headaches by just trying to update it a few times…

itsezccommented, Aug 29, 2019

I did that anyway, and got another error:

node_modules/graphql-yoga/dist/types.d.ts:8:10 - error TS2305: Module '"../../../../../../../Code/learning/graphql/cruddl/node_modules/apollo-server-core/dist"' has no exported member 'LogFunction'.

8 import { LogFunction } from 'apollo-server-core';

Yup, as expected it was the apollo-server-core package not being installed, your best bet is using the code I provided above, and here’s the rest to generate the schema:

import { ArangoDBAdapter, Project as ProjectConfiguration } from 'cruddl'
import DataModel from './schema.graphql'

const Database = new ArangoDBAdapter({
	databaseName: '',
	url: '',
	user: '',
	password: ''

const Project = new ProjectConfiguration({
	sources: [
			name: 'schema.graphql',
			body: DataModel
			name: 'permission-profiles.json',
			body: JSON.stringify({
				permissionProfiles: {
					default: {
						permissions: [
								roles: ['admin'],
								access: 'readWrite'
								roles: ['user*'],
								access: 'read'

	getExecutionOptions: ({ context }) => ({ authRoles: ['users'] })

const schema = Project.createSchema(Database)
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