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Trivial else (suggestion/enhancement)

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Issue Description

I find I have a common pattern of

  <When condition={foo}>one-liner</When>
    a lot of stuff

It kind of makes me want to just use a ternary; the control statements are neither succinct or clear/intent-expressive.

The one-liner in question will be a marker for “field not present”, an icon, a component, and in some cases even a single space.

An alternative which I think would make sense is something like:

<SomeControlTag condition={!foo} someprop="one-liner">
  a lot of stuff

While having jsx in props looks weird, it’s completely valid, and I’ve used it a couple of times with react-bootstrap stuff. I wouldn’t recommend it for longer values, but it’s fine for short stuff. So, you could in fact also have, someprop={<NotFound/>}.

Now, assuming this is a good idea at all, what does the actual tag and prop look like?

My first instinct was to add this to :

<If condition={!foo} else="one-liner">

The problem should be obvious though… having “else” before “then” feels really odd. But I don’t know if that objection is strong enough to justify loading the namespace with a new tag that does mostly the same thing as .

Here’s a weird alternative, I don’t like but I’ll write it down anyway:

<If condition={foo} then="one-liner" else>

Anyway. Please discuss 😺

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:7 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

texttechnecommented, Mar 5, 2017

In my opinion the succinct version would be the flat if-else.

<If condition={foo}>
  a lot of stuff

Discussion #32

texttechnecommented, Mar 5, 2017

I don’t think that the deprecated Else-Syntax needs to be revived. In your suggested version it is not as readable as it should be: <If> and <Else> should be on the same indentation level. The XML-way is <choose> and works like that in XSL-T.

Regarding the abbreviated syntax, you already name the counter-argument: Edge cases which make less and less sense. Additionally, one of the most prominent React arguments is: Keep the API surface as small as possible. And React really lives up to this mantra, if you think about it.

I’m also not convinced that writing

<If condition={toBeTested} else="Just a result string!">

is more readable than, e.g.

<If condition={toBeTested}>
<If condition={!toBeTested}>
  Just a result string!

From my point of view I would always expect the else branch on the same level as the if branch. I can’t imagine that users wouldn’t be confused by the abbreviated syntax…

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