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pygraphiz appears to be deprecated?

See original GitHub issue

pygraphviz looks to be no longer maintained. Would it be worth migrating eralchemy to use graphviz?

#Rendering from dot file using graphviz
from graphviz import Source

The format parameter to Source defines the output format and the engine parameter the layout engine (dot, neato etc).

The only place pygraphviz appears to be used is in eralchemy/eralchemy/ in the function:

def intermediary_to_schema(tables, relationships, output):
    """ Transforms and save the intermediary representation to the file chosen. """
    dot_file = _intermediary_to_dot(tables, relationships)
    graph = AGraph()
    graph = graph.from_string(dot_file)
    extension = output.split('.')[-1]
    graph.draw(path=output, prog='dot', format=extension)

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jarolicommented, Nov 6, 2020

Same problem here, cannot install eralchemy due to the pygraphviz package

apt install graphviz
pip install eralchemy
Building wheels for collected packages: pygraphviz
  Building wheel for pygraphviz ( started
  Building wheel for pygraphviz ( finished with status 'error'
  ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1:
Alexis-benoistcommented, Feb 11, 2020

If someone is willing to migrate it, I’m not against 😃

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